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Why focus group discussions stifle innovation?
Source: Chong Kee OF matter: Siyuan focus group discussions Why would 2015 Latest Nike Shoes stifle innovation? Editor’s note: focus group discussion (Focus Groups) is a commonly used method of qualitative market research by a trained moderator in a natural form of unstructured conversation with a group of respondents, in order to gain some relevant in-depth understanding of the problem. However, the authors, the famous designer Gianfranco Zaccai think the focus group discussions stifle innovation. Steve Jobs once said: \u0026 ldquo; it is difficult to design products using Focus Groups \u0026 rdquo ;. How many great ideas that came up around the table? Not much. But like so dry, but more and more companies: They think, just need to find a bunch of people gathered around the table, we can come up with good ideas. Other times, the company may have come up with innovative ideas, but still could not find a bunch of people to give lessons on this idea, the end result is usually destroy these ideas. In my 40 Air Jordan 5 years of design and creative career, I have witnessed some of the most talented ideas. But I have never seen an innovative panel discussion meetings open out. I put the words were then re-point: the focus group discussions it will stifle innovation. Partly because the panel discussion made some things Air Jordan 3 not to do, on the other hand also because some of the group discussions did not do the right thing. As Steve \u0026 middot; Jobs (Steve Jobs) Air Jordan 21 said, the real innovation comes from mining unmet needs, then there are creative ways to meet this demand. Panel discussions could not find this demand, the reason is very simple: before have personal experience, most people do not realize what he really lacking needs. Panel discussion can the existing product or service incremental improvements, but because of the rare, truly revolutionary ideas but may raise questions. Continuum Reebok had come up with a new idea, with a cushion to support the ankle, reducing injury. But Reebok basketball shoes, brand manager not interested, because he Nike Free Womens never heard during the group discussed this demand. When we put this idea presented to the high school basketball team, and the reaction is worse \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; the players were even publicly ridiculed the idea. But the players in the training process really used \u0026 ldquo; experimental model \u0026 rdquo; later, but then this idea full of praise. Over time, they are more enthusiastic, because they found that wearing the shoes to play, you can have more confidence, do not have to worry about the ankle injury. Thus, the Reebok Pump was born. When Nike Air Max 95 360 Herman Miller introduced the first mesh chair, the same thing happened. That time, office chairs are used exclusively to filling material, and the thicker the better. By the time point of view, the shape of a simple mesh backrest ugly and uncomfortable. Until experience, people realized, either from the point of view of comfort or fashion, the idea is so subversive. Now, as long as the film directors who want to express a person’s office is cool, Aeron Chair will become the standard. It sounds very easy, in fact, is not easy. So, what process should be used to replace the group discussion? 1, not only concerned with use of the product, but also to focus on the complete experience, for example, the majority of cleaning products company simply to observe people clean floor action. But Continuum developing original ideas Swiffer mop, we have been concerned about cleaning the floor of a complete experience, including purchase, use, cleaning, storage and discard. These additional studies spawned a truly revolutionary product. Similarly, the development of the Reebok Pump, we are not just concerned about athletes in the field of experience, but also to study the mother because the shoes do not fit every few months should give his son to buy new shoes in the process, either because not fit athlete shoes resting injured circumstances. 2, breaking its tables, its in-depth when we design Swiffer, once on the dirt floor under close analysis showed that the biggest problem is dust, and to clean the dust, it is best not to water. We found that most people use the former mop, will first use a broom to sweep again. Then they wash the mop head more than the time spent cleaning the floor. The Swiffer will be sweeping and mopping the integration of the two actions together, but did not clutter the final cleaning effect Air Jordan Spizike is cleaner. 3, field tests of new product ideas can really mean that people can fall in love with it the first time. You need earlier tests, and field tests to directly test for those potential users. When we designed the Reebok Pump is doing, it also provides us with a different feedback to improve the product. 4, so that the leaders who realize the importance of having a decision-making project the green light, if not the president of Reebok, Reebok Pump impossible born. The president is aware of this subversive idea, and decided to complete the project. Ultimately, you can not just based on money or what people say to make decisions, but also rely on their own intuition. Panel discussion is not no use, it can make a useful short-term adjustments to the product. But the real innovation is not just incremental improvements, but also to subvert a product or a service. In fact, the innovation must be redefined an experience. No matter how easy or Swiffer mop, Pump and then how to protect the foot or basketball shoes, Aeron Chair no matter how uncomfortable it is still chair. But in each case, the product gave implanted creative people’s lives a real change. In other words, the designer’s responsibility is usually carried out incremental improvements make something look more beautiful, more comfortable with them. Revolutionary idea at greater risk, the time spent is longer, but once successful, it will overturn the status quo. Panel discussions will never do this. This article compiled from: fastcodesign (Siyuan)