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which will make consumers perceive value


[Dry] Marketing people need to learn to be superficial
known, have the advantage of the characteristics of the product have to do to sell. Unfortunately, homogeneity is the norm in the market, it seems like the marketing people specialized tests. Some products as the market matures, many competing products, the difference between the products is trivial; some products from farm pastures, like grain, oil, meat, eggs, milk and other products, the difference is inherently weak. Faced with this situation how to do? Do not expect earth-shattering innovation, if you can spare the ‘surface’ of difference, image difference, the same can receive good results. The writer is a blessing to the chairman 娄向鹏 brand marketing consultant, i dark horse will share with you this article, we hope to provide inspiration for your marketing. US marketing industry has a famous Purdue chicken marketing case. In order to make their own unique chicken sold, Mr. Purdue first chicken was modified his biological hybridization, and use special feed and other methods, making his chicken and other chicken looks different, it is important that the brown color change become golden brown. Sales circulation, Mr. Purdue becomes freezing cold, fresh chicken to retailers while still fresh chickena and other Nike Air Max Humara cold bang hard to form a difference. Through these methods, one can consumers that Mr. Purdue chicken and other products to distinguish, favored by customers. Mr. Purdue’s approach to its variety and nutritional value of chicken has changed how much I can not say as important difference is that he will be clearly demonstrated. This visible difference is greater than the nutritional value of marketing value and therefore, I argue that we must learn to do superficial marketing, product marketing should make you want to see that the so-called Jordan Flight 45 superficial superfluous recommendation include:!!! Intrinsic superficial differences and differences in the form of exaggeration, specifically the following ways: First, from the start planting methods and improved varieties to achieve product differentiation surface. In recent years the fruits of corn, purple sweet potato, Yunnan red pear and other products, because very unique, very attractive to consumers concerned with ordinary products easily segment, significantly increased added value. Note that I emphasize here is the external differences are visible difference. The result of this change more visible and intuitive, the greater the value of its marketing, product like his long mouth, will self-promotion. Similarly kiwi, New Zealand from China after the introduction of the original taste acidic green flesh kiwi was modified to taste the sweet side launched a new yellow flesh varieties – Gold kiwifruit. Currently New Zealand kiwifruit Zespri International marketing nearly 70 countries and regions, accounting for 28% of global market share, far more than the home of kiwifruit exports to China. Get ITQI agency ‘top delicious medal,’ the Japanese ‘Golden Bud rice’, it’s delicious extremely outstanding, the most unusual is that you can see from the appearance of Air Jordan 4 the central golden germ, ‘equalizing milled rice Law’ and ‘BG No Ximi processing ‘method unique 2015 Latest Nike Shoes processing technology, better preserved golden germ. ‘Golden Bud’, a unique feature, breaking the rice differentiate the most difficult and bottlenecks, breaking the Koshihikari rice in Japanese domination. Rich of Beijing Pinggu peach, peach dig itself longevity auspicious meaning, is not complicated by technology Air Jordan 4 allows peaches grown birthday appearance, do is superficial, but tremendous marketing value, a hundred dollars to sell at high prices. Second, the original excavation refining differentiated value inherent in the product and brand, and show off it. In addition to appearing on the product physical differences, differentiated value of some products in the product or implied brands, invisible, no show, marketers need painstaking excavation, moderate exaggeration, showing off aired, highlighting different with different values. Why plump excellent brand value is difficult to replace? Because good brand such as people, within a valuable image outside! So, do the brand simply say two things, one is internal, and solid brand lining, the second is outside, spare brand’s face. Only rich in content, enrich the connotation of the appearance reflect, bright, eye-catching, is excellent brand, successful brand in the market, it seems worth or value. Many marketing people not pay enough attention to the intangible value. In fact, if you think about it a little, selling expensive brands have real value of tangible and intangible value. Especially true and full of intangible value, once perceived Nike Air Max 1 by consumers and accepted, tremendous strength, and other product inconvenience imitate. Intangible value including unique origin, the mysterious craft heritage, customs on behalf of the party, from the evolution of cultural sublimation products, interesting story, beyond the national standard criteria, and so on. Marketing people need painstaking excavation, carefully screened, wantonly Nike Air Max 90 Premium spread. Third, the external differences in the image of people rely on clothes, Buddha by Gold. The more new products consumers do not understand, the role of the external image of the more important. With external image highlight and enhance the intrinsic value, so that the inherent quality and external image complement each other, which will make consumers perceive value. It means to establish a marketing value of the difference image has many such ideas to build brand identification symbol, selecting the right brand ambassador, to do the right advertising, the difference of the packaging, create new business model, the use of the terminal design shape the image, etc., may be Their whole. Like KFC’s Colonel Harland Sanders, Red Bull 250 ml chunky golden jar and treat people as human sea fishing management model, are tangible and harmony within and outside the outstanding difference image.

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