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tired and never thought of fear of failure


Angels, there is spring
the way you do business? in the way you feel lonely yet? In the economic winter you feel helpless? You desire to break the prophecies destined lone entrepreneur? Do you expect an accompanying start on the road, inspire yourself power? March 20, 2009, by the ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine’s ‘PROUD · Venture –2009 most respected business angel Award Presentation Ceremony’ was held at the Grand People’s University of China. In the winter season communication, hundreds of guests from all over China politicians, academics, the business community to come together in order to promote entrepreneurs who bring warmth to the strength, and to call for more colleagues to become entrepreneurs around accompanied Angel. Angel, how sacred title! She’s kind of power? Angels are paying power. From IDGVC, Xi’an Hi-tech Zone, CEIBS, Standard Chartered Bank and other institutions, to Boquan, such individual Mr Yu, ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine careful selection of the ‘Ten Most Admired Business Angel’, they have a common body qualities that quietly pay their wisdom and labor for Nike Air Max 95 360 entrepreneurs. Angel is 2015 Latest Nike Shoes sharing power. In his speech, Renmin University Party Committee deputy secretary, NPC culture Science Park Management Committee Director Lin cattle-dimensional appeal to everyone concerned to promote the college students venture. Starting from the training, the development of entrepreneurship education and then to start-ups, and establish a more systematic entrepreneurial ecology. Hugo Shong, Executive Vice President of IDG VC, the chairman of China Dongxiang Group Chen Yihong, Eternal Asia Supply Chain’s president Zhou Guohui, and participate in the ‘era of domestic entrepreneurs’ and ‘bear market investment strategy of’ forum for all entrepreneurs, investors are selflessly put their experience and knowledge to share with the audience of entrepreneurs. In the afternoon, ‘PROUD · business’ venue is all entrepreneurs affiliated magnetic field. Angel is supported by force. Entrepreneurs can never leave the government’s support and help. In ‘PROUD · pioneering’ the meeting, ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine’s first ‘entrepreneurial future in China’ campaign officially kicked off. In 2009, we will begin Yangpu District, Shanghai, China presents a panoramic view of the area behind the different entrepreneurial activity complete innovation chain, calling for more of the relevant government agencies, enterprises and individuals can be added to improve the business environment in the noble cause Come. Angel is accompanied by force. In ‘PROUD · pioneering’ the meeting, everyone can feel a strong sense of mission, that we should accompany each other, each other warm, start on the road counterparts. In fact, each of us is an angel. Please Air Jordan 2 be assured that there are angels, there is spring. Advice from Angel Boquan years without public appearances a. But his investment in long Ah, seven hotels, nine drill Network, is the success of cutting-edge industry. On the ’2009 Most Respected Business Angel’ awards ceremony, he won the award for the best angel investors. Just holding the trophy back seat, a civil inventor then went closer, lean handed him his business card. But he refused Boquan only regret – Ho invested Heart first is: only the investment banking industry and the end consumer related. China Dongxiang Group chairman Chen Yihong, Air Jordan 20 steeped in the sports apparel industry for nearly two decades. After countless storms, the current Business Angel Forum keynote speech, was his ‘debut.’ And he wanted to tell you is this: even in the winter market, the opportunity still exists to grasp is the key. Shenzhen Eternal Asia Supply Chain AG CEO Guohui talk about ‘How to ride the economic cycle.’ He believes that the key lies in the enterprise should dare to outsource non-core business, enhance their core competitiveness. Guohui supply chain services, is undoubtedly Air Jordan 13 an industry just come from home delivery companies pay close attention to the resignation of Chan. He had just founded a new company called stars will be anxious, designed to make distribution services for e-commerce. Prior to the meeting, two people just a meeting to talk up quite speculative. IDGVC won the ‘Best VC Support Award’, a senior partner Shong think, for investors, the economic downturn is precisely the spring investment. Because in this period, entrepreneurs and investors on both sides of mentality are normal, it will be realistic to look at the market. He believes, for entrepreneurs, the Chinese consumer market there is a huge demand, there will be many opportunities. ‘And this opportunity does not require a Air Jordan 11 large investment, more innovation is needed is the entrepreneur in the middle sector.’ Shanda, chief investment officer at Zhu Hai made of memory inside, grand past 10 years, there are four key periods related to the bear market related. Shanda started the business in 1999 when, just the end of the Asian financial crisis. ‘So, the bear market is the best business opportunity.’ However, faced with burning eyes the audience entrepreneurs, Legend Capital Managing Director Erhai Liu made good advice: ‘If you now substantially less than the financial capital of the mentality of financing You basically can melt into the capital. ‘just founded stars will be anxious Chen Ping, might serve as a model entrepreneur. 15 years ago, when he made home delivery, only 34 years old, and now he lost home delivery of the brand, the second start in destiny. ‘I think I still have a passion, I still have to be tired and never thought of fear of failure.’ Just three decades of reform and opening up Nike Air Max 2015 China has never had such a surge of entrepreneurial passion. ‘Best Public support Award’ YBC, for years, has been committed to providing funding for business start-up entrepreneurs; Standard Chartered Bank six years has been to provide unsecured loans for SMEs; Mr Yu has now become entrepreneurs in spiritual mentor ?? On this fertile land, the sun and rain, through the winter, things will sprout growth.

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