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said five more targeted law can promote


Subtraction of power!
\u0026 ldquo; less is more \u0026 rdquo ;, which is the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s favorite words. If this phrase as a philosophical epigram architectural design industry, you probably do not agree. But business in this sentence will be significantly effective approach, and this insight is the TED conference founder Richard Saul Wurman raised. In a recent conversation, I discussed the power of innovation in subtraction and Richard. Reduce the number of things that would increase the limit of their own, but also give clear and concise environment for creativity excited. Simple pragmatism and subtraction itself is normative continued this conversation most important keywords. If you do not tell you need to subtract some things that you can more directly get much in business, leaders often an MBA tone to discuss the project, such as the use of \u0026 ldquo;? Center \u0026 rdquo;, \u0026 ldquo; positioning \u0026 rdquo;, \u0026 ldquo ; prioritization \u0026 rdquo; etc. These words implying that refers to the need \u0026 ldquo; proof \u0026 rdquo;, \u0026 ldquo; clarify \u0026 rdquo; and \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, reconsider just not straightforward to ask others to do the deletion. The following are business leaders is noteworthy that five \u0026 ldquo; subtraction law \u0026 rdquo; 1, deletion of your important mission in the previous article, I mentioned the CEO to the board to write an open letter to the 2015 Latest Nike Shoes year, the best practice is a vital task. When the important task of CEO proposed to be recognized, it will again become the board of directors and staff of reference sources. Sensible people to work with such a document as a reference, not only to improve his self-awareness and avoid important task was Air Jordan 20 shelved, but also to avoid the founder or CEO suffered \u0026 ldquo; shiny ball syndrome (shiny ball syndrome) \u0026 rdquo; problems. To make this practice more effectively, one can not set up more than five important task. However, he said the CEO tends to make most 10 important task, even more. The most important task cut to five, preferably three. The 10 task not to split into five categories to \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;! deceive every important tasks must be different characteristics and unrelated. 2, to reduce its key commodity countless failed propaganda because potential buyers can not afford many false promises to their businesses, which is why you need three (or more) of goods reduced its key points a core propaganda reasons point. Air Jordan 6 Great propaganda point is \u0026 ldquo; for me to do \u0026 rdquo; instead of \u0026 ldquo; own \u0026 rdquo; or \u0026 ldquo; Choose Your Own Adventure \u0026 rdquo; the story. Literary master is omitted secondary plot and focus most prominent story. Although I often taught to do business around three key points statement, but I can easily become only concerned with three points while ignoring the primary core points. And worse than lost in the three main points in an attempt to find three distinct key points. Cut to a key point of it! Related Air Jordan 4 to this, you have to pay attention to the use of materials (ppt slides, word documents, etc.) number. People tend to increase rather than reduce the amount of material. I had the most successful meeting in overseas flights when landing, I was originally a 35 share and customers in the aircraft, only one file after the redo. A simple story is always around the central theme of the documents and sound recordings than a truckload of much better. Cut redundancy, to Air Jordan 4 seize a core point 3, to reduce the number of staff Jack Welch (former General Electric Chairman and CEO) There is, indeed, quite true:! You need to keep the team in the 10% reduction of low-level employees. Employees below the working standard only drag the entire organization. As the saying goes, feather flock together, people in groups. Not everyone can become an elite, so you have to regularly reduce low-level employees. Establish expectations for your employees, and thus make periodic assessments as a benchmark, the abolition of lack of capacity and ability to recruit more staff person, this is a strong organization and execution strongman corporate culture foundation. 4, streamline your customers need to periodically evaluate and streamline not only your employees, but also your customers. Customers want to eliminate backward, you need to regularly lose 5% seems the most valuable Air Jordan 22 customers. Businesses are Jordan Melo M10 often deemed necessary to retain all of the customers, because many small customers in the future may become a big customer, this is actually a misunderstanding. Do not believe you went to look up the data to see whether all this is really true. You are more likely to be found that 5 percent of habitual customer service is the number of weak purchasing power but then require higher \u0026 ldquo; \u0026 rdquo ;, diehard group of people rather than a handful of them. And you want to pay the most time, energy and services to be able to provide you with the most high returns and long-term customer loyalty is. This means that you have to recognize, not just because you can sell the goods someone, you should sell him. 5, to reduce your luggage Finally, a microblogging foot authentic reminder: to pack for a trip, one-third fewer things you think need. I once read an article that teaches you how to pack: List items when you need to rest in bed, and then cut in half. I have never been so accurately implemented before, but I subtract a third thing. Travel is very hard, so to traveling light. In addition, force yourself to plan ahead so I’m thinking what style of clothing more appropriate to make better choices attend the meeting or activity issues. Who could have imagined reduce baggage can help you dress so big? With the power of subtraction, said five more targeted law can promote the effectiveness and success. If you remember concrete examples of difficult, remember these words can be: When you hesitate and do subtraction it viai black horse BY Sun Lulu!

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