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my partner he faced getting a divorce


Personal mobile game developer’s death
Source:? create something in mind? Author: Huang Jun (personal mobile game developers), but I know that individual game developers dead. ? From early 2012, we have 10 years of experience in the development of the game and I was a much better game also engaged in the development of friends, quit her job to engage in mobile game development. At that time that mobile game development is not difficult, but also created one after another myth. In fact, we target is not high. Development of their favorite games is the dream of every game, in order to realize this dream, first stabilize their living conditions is a prerequisite, if the family can not feed, the more do not talk dream. Start to now, every day squatting at home, the development of the first game, is a gold coin push game, ‘Meng Meng push gold coin.’ Did not say how the subject matter, at Air Jordan 4 least on the screen can be said that Apple’s best to push gold games, chose this theme because family and I are very fond of this type, Wanbian all push gold apple on the game, all that is not enough Well, I want to make myself a. Push gold out of the game, the evaluation is very good, basically as long as people are played, will say good. Start push gold is quite popular. Limited free time, come to the thousands of day. Suddenly After twelve weeks, downloads fell to almost zero, especially after fees, duck is a common thing. A thorough search of the study, found that promotion is also very important, in fact advertising. Because we are the Cock wire business, hands penny. We had to find four post free Cooperative Extension, and later recommended App home company find us, who did not say, signed the contract to go part of the income distribution, promotion. The company did not expect this so-called promotion, that is where he made made to it, sent a evaluation, a video, is over, the promotion of three months down, basically nothing role, and finally I have to give they are a few hundred dollars, can be seen completely ineffective. Later I learned that this marketing company is entirely a liar, he can use his platform to attract me this little game, the so-called promotion is what made micro-Bo, a sign of dozens of hundreds of small game, if each contribute some, this company very well live. Of course, micro-Bo for them there is not any cost at all. After experiencing this strike, two people are depressed, but also a friend recommended to brush list, but we ask the price day 5000, not since we consume, we are three months of income are not 5000. This time the two have a lot of family opposition, with our ability to go to work in January thousand dollars very easy thing, have their own business, but also very clever, my wife and partner are both pregnant at the same time, This time the child came out, the two economic pressure is even greater. And greater burden that my family this is the first two children, his wife since the domestic children, also did not work, so I’m going to burden the pressure of the 4 personal life. Some parents aid to the next, for the time being no problem. Reinvigorated the future, we aim at the request fit this type of game, and this election may indeed have been the subject 2015 Latest Nike Shoes of some of our lack of creativity, but really only a three-city had never been seen, and so we have developed a half, a completely domestic fit the same type of game called seeking out. At this time we are also very embarrassing, it is to continue it, or give it up. Considering the already half done, decided to stick to it, and later found out that because we do is 3D, and obviously Apple machines with fixed. We are struggling with optimization, 4S out. All of a sudden the whole problem Air Jordan 6 is solved. So we planned to continue to do this game, because the child was born, busy taking care of the development progress very, very slow period, so that by the end of 2012, the game is considered developed. Now the game has been on the line, the name is called ‘Graveyard Keeper’, on the line for a few weeks and is almost the same outcome, were praised. Although the screen is fine, and Air Jordan 18 is the first 3D images of body games, but almost few downloads. At this time in front of the post, I just found the country actually has a website with unlimited gold cracked version, to know my game is free to download, by IAP and advertising for a living. I downloaded the cracked version, open actually see 90 million gold Nike Free Mens coins, and even advertising also gave me removed. Games to crack into this, from a certain angle, indicating the game is really worth playing, otherwise no one would break, but on the other hand, Nike Air Max 1 Hyperfuse hard six months time, is equal to the drain. In order to develop, I would also take into account the care home, I developed every day 4:00, 9:00 in the morning to get up every day, have no rest days. In order to develop this year, I have white hair the most. This year almost no income, only the income of thousands of dollars are put into the development of the purchase genuine software. Several times I have not felt dizzy, went to lie down for a moment and a good point, and I was sitting back at the computer. The day before yesterday my wife cried and told me, told me Air Jordan 17 not to develop, and this continues the game did not come out, people have died, and she wanted widowed. How she was a person with two children. I feel very sorry, I just want to have a stable home, good environment only. Did not expect to develop in such a way, at the same time, because the family has children, do not go to work not any income, my partner he faced getting a divorce. These days I have been thinking, we go from here, is the turn off the computer, go out to look for work, or continue to adhere to the development of it, faced with such a situation, I do not know how long it can hold on, but I know that individual Game developers dead. If it continues, I might one day die in front of the computer, while my partner may have divorced. And those who were murdered individual game developers, who are, I believe we are aware of.

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