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I hope to explore with enough temptation


Interview with a push i horse CEO Fang Yi: How do I start from a loser, climb to the pinnacle of sitting on 200 million users!
[i horse REVIEW Ma said: ‘If I was 90, after re-start today, in front of Alibaba, Tencent there, how do I begin my first point, I’m as good use Tencent and Alibaba, I think? I will not think I’ll go with it challenges me today because I do not have the ability, the heart can not be too much. ‘- This sentence contains the’ real reason a push ‘successful 200 million users, i dark horse Interview with a push CEO Fang Yi, i think the dark horse Fang Yi, though not 90, but he is Ma this sentence true practice performers. A push, one of China’s most successful SaaS service providers, providing application developers to push solutions for Android, after a push App access, developers can save development costs in the application of push function, to save resources, ensure application quality push function and provincial traffic and power-saving effect. Many readers may not be familiar with a horse i push, but many readers may come into contact during use App over a push function push services provided, such as when you receive a private letter Sina microblogging, @, or reminder, these are provided a push the push function. A push now to cooperate with Sina, Baidu and other Internet giants, NetDragon, sing, clap, application exchange and other applications also introduced a push push features a push yesterday, CEO Fang Yi Share on micro-channel, announced a push the number of users and services over 200 million – for this, Air Jordan 9 i contacted Fang Yi special horse. Success comes from failure of entrepreneurial Experience: selling water to the next gold mine Fang Yi told i dark horse ‘themselves turned out to be a college student entrepreneur, now is a serial entrepreneur,’ Fang Yi entrepreneurial path is not some smooth, square! Yi has launched ‘a letter’ This cross-carrier, cross-platform, allowing users to send free SMS, MMS and voice products, but ‘a letter’ now ‘has basically been micro-letters kill,’ Fang Yi said: ‘Although one is IM real-time online, a super message but the message was the revolution, I would have no use super ” a letter ‘of the reason for the failure in Fang Yi appears to have two aspects: 1, and the giant in direct competition. 2, 2015 Latest Nike Shoes contrary to the trend of products. And after Jordan Aero Mania that, Fang Yi decided to make such a product: First of all do not compete with the giants, and even generate partnerships with giants, the use of the power of others to grow their own, and that this product must conform to trends. And under this idea, Nike Dunk SB Mens ‘a push’ was born, no matter from which side, ‘a push’ all conform to the trend of mobile Internet, because of various App needs a good push function, and that ‘a push’ As a development service Jordan Son of Mars provider will not even compete any developer relationship with giants, but they need to become a ‘patch.’ Therefore, ‘a push’ the rapid accumulation of 200 million the amount of customer service is a necessity, because we all go to the mobile Internet ‘gold digging’ when ‘a push’ next gold mine began ‘selling water’, which is a we all need. ‘Extreme a push’ hit the development needs of the ‘pain points’ Developer Push feature is actually not a very high threshold, Common App developers can also self-development, but it is interesting, ‘a push’ big partners, such as Le Frog, Sina, Baidu, NetDragon, Nike Air Max 24-7 application exchange, without exception, or at least after he has done for a long time push function evaluated, and finally select the access ‘a push.’ Fang Yi said: ‘We began to push still hazy, we did 3,5 months of market education, then we all have to do their own. After another three months we go to visit, and soon all access to the. ‘The reason is because’ a push ‘has been completely App features push to achieve the ultimate – access to’ a push ‘to push third-party developers can save 90% of the cost, so that every day can control power consumption App In 30-40mAh, and the user will spend on average monthly push 0.8-1.2M traffic. So the ultimate functional services, whether it is big or ordinary developers no reason to refuse ‘a push’ access. And to this extreme, ‘a push’ in research and development is also under a hard labor, according to Fang Yi himself said: ‘a push back has iterated five versions, almost all have to re-write down three times,’ is push A very detailed very specialized field, faced with limited mobile network complicated and electricity flows, and traditional high concurrency, developers fixed network difference is relatively large, it is difficult even if the average company set up specifically for this function 10-30 a team of people to do a year or so. A push future direction of the future development, Fang Yi Air Jordan CP3 said: ‘Push feature access mode is the first phase of the service, but also to complete the exploration last year, this year the main task facing the amplification is for developers to explore. business model and then we work together to form a huge size advantage alliance business model, ‘As for the business model, Fang Yi said they would not use advertising push way, because’ advertising push a push conducted small-scale commercial attempt to prove that users are very offensive not sustainable development ‘, Fang Yi think the push is a very sensitive thing, so they choose the right firm to the user, a push requires partners must have a clear switch in the program. Fang Yi appeal: ‘Mobile Internet ten million do not go when the SP to block the temptation of the old, to injury to the user.’ ‘A push’ I hope to explore with enough temptation, but user-friendly business model. A push by the end of the year with two goals, first serve over 500 million subscribers, followed by the phone you want to use separate services can push more than 300 million. ‘A push’ present only for the developer fees, Fang Yi said that it has can break even, so the next week to complete the financing round, they will only sell a small stake to financing, ‘a push’ has emerged from the burn Stage money.

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