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He first realized from New York to Paris


At least 12 teams compete for the $ 20 million Google Moon Award
June 30, at least 12 teams are participating in the competition lunar Lunar XPRIZE Google company established to compete for $ 20 million prize to the moon. But these teams into the bonus itself may exceed more than seven times, and they want to wager lunar adventure. Google’s lunar Jordan Slide contest will be the first privately funded team landed on the moon. Lunar vehicle must be able to move forward at least 500 meters away from the moon, the Earth return to HD level video images. In addition, if they can find water on the moon, the participating teams an additional $ 4 million bonus. Teams from Japan, the United States, Brazil, India and Germany will this competition as an enormous opportunity, first of all trying to occupy the lunar market. Consultancy London Economics predicts that the market value will increase to 10 years $ 1.9 billion. Competitor envisaged platinum mining on the moon and other rare earth elements, the use of the lunar polar water to establish a lunar base, and ultimately through this launch platform to achieve the goal of landing on Mars. Hakuto team from Tokyo, Japan, is building lunar vehicle, the team leader and ispace CEO Takeshi Hakamada represents: \u0026 ldquo; not just for us but the contest winner. Competition usually accelerate innovation, promote the commercialization of the moon. For example, we can explore the possibility to establish a base on the moon for the cave, this data will be sold. \u0026 Rdquo; Elon \u0026 middot; Musk (Elon Musk) of private space company SpaceX is working to commercialize space travel, the US government began to use its Falcon 9 rocket and other agencies to provide resupply the International Space Station in Earth orbit, and for Private satellite launch services. Falcon 9 rocket launch latest disintegrated in the air, which reminds us that emit only a thin line between success and disaster. Hakuto moon car XPrize prize founder Peter \u0026 middot; Diamandis (Peter Diamandis), said that the contest as XPrize cash reward can attract multiple investment will not only enable individual creativity into reality, but also help achieve Exploration month target. The winning team’s project also needs a viable business model, that the project still can continue to operate after the award. Hakuto lunar landing vehicle Moonraker to folklore Moon \u0026 ldquo; rabbit \u0026 rdquo; in the name of the moon, the team plans to sell its cars collected data to domestic and international space agencies moon. Their car has four wheels moon above embedded paddle, available forward momentum in the lunar dust. This design has won Google $ 500,000 \u0026 ldquo; mobile \u0026 rdquo; Milestone Award. In addition, Moonraker’s body using carbon fiber composite materials to protect above most consumer electronic equipment from extreme temperature on the moon. In addition, the car is also equipped with a 360-degree camera, you can collect detailed photo moon car top. HD video NASA has pictures dating back to the Apollo moon mission 40 years ago, compared with the Google Maps application, when the resolution is about half a meter. The Moonraker carried on camera can capture more than 100 times this clear picture. NASA has said that they are prepared to pay $ 30 million fee to the private company to obtain the latest data. Since Hakuto team 2015 Latest Nike Shoes is not rocket, into the finals, they will reach an agreement with the XPrize contest competitors, jointly moon. Hakuto estimated their total investment required $ 10 million. They are creating the lunar exploration of the feasibility of the smallest product, they think that Air Jordan 2 this can certainly be successful. Hakuto team lunar vehicles will take a ride to the moon Astrobotic Technology, which can be completed Griffin moon car from Earth orbit to the moon surface the whole process. After reaching the lunar Air Jordan 6 surface, in a competitive state of the two teams of lunar vehicles will start 500 meters before the line competition, compete for Google $ 20 million in prize money. Moon delivery is headquartered in Pittsburgh called themselves Astrobotic Technology \u0026 ldquo; Moon FedEx \u0026 rdquo ;, program by providing technology and business services to the moon to make money. Griffin’s in the list of goods, including a jar from Japan’s Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Pocari Sweat (Pocari Sweat) sports drinks. This beverage can be made Air Jordan 5 into a time capsule forms. Griffin is another client space funeral company Celestis, the company’s business is the human ashes into space, and its customers include ‘Star Trek’ actor Jean \u0026 middot; Roden Nike Air Max 2011 Berry (Gene Roddenberry) and hippies godfather Timothy Western \u0026 middot; Leary (Timothy Leary) and the like. CEO John Astrobotic Technology Company \u0026 middot; Thornton (John Thornton) said: \u0026 ldquo; the cost of access to space will drop substantially, which is the reason why the moon logistics companies can make money. Even 15 years ago, a lot of things sound like science fiction. \u0026 Rdquo; Previously, there have been cash prizes to Nike Blazer Womens stimulate innovation and development of precedent. 18th century ship in the ocean indicate the direction of navigation equipment, it is the product of the emergence of prize money. History Awards Google lunar race is to get inspiration from Orteig Prize (Orteig Prize) in. Which began in 1927, the winner is Charles \u0026 middot; Lindbergh (Charles Lindbergh). He first realized from New York to Paris non-stop solo flight, get $ 25,000 in prize money. Race triggered media frenzy and help stimulate the development of long-haul commercial flight technology. Lindbergh’s feat after only one year to create a number of the nation’s aircraft quadrupled, air passengers increased by 30 times. ‘Atlantic fanaticism’ author Joe \u0026 middot; Jackson (Joe Jackson) wrote: \u0026 ldquo; This is fortunate, the perfect combination of personality and finance, you now have these factors. Attention is drawn to those moments of life and death, even if the life in danger just robots. \u0026 Rdquo;

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