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have not seen the future Samsung devices


Tizen system: a Samsung products driven by Intel
long-awaited, Samsung and Intel collaboration on open Tizen smartphone (real commercial version) has been released. Although the industry for the future development of Samsung Tizen smartphone application from multiple perspectives, experience, operators support the analysis, and thus come to different conclusions prospects. In fact, from Tizen the background, and now the industry’s attention or focus on the analysis focused on Samsung and Tizen Air Jordan 2 premature. The reason is simple, no matter how the future prospects, it is imperative Tizen could go on, otherwise all analysis is futile, and decide whether it can go is not the key Samsung nor Tizen system itself, but as the instigator of Tizen ecosystem One of Intel. The industry clearly missed smart phones and tablet PCs as the representative of the mobile Internet opportunities Intel has been using a variety of methods and strategies to find a breakthrough into the smart phone. Which comes as its cooperation with Nokia MeeGo system so that the time from the coveted Intel smartphone market is only one step away. Unfortunately, on this a step away, but let Microsoft cut a paste that Nokia gave up MeeGo system in cooperation with Intel, instead defected to Microsoft’s Windows Phone camp, until last year Microsoft’s acquisition. Looking back now, Microsoft cut paste this sort of unethical almost completely ruined Intel into the smart phone on the road. The good news is, it’s when Intel MeeGo frustrated at the Samsung entered into Intel’s vision. Then Samsung Google Android smartphone camp CKS in rapid rise, which makes Samsung to have the time and energy to develop their own smart phone ecosystem, Bada is in this context was born. Although at the time Bada market share is very low, about 2% to 3%, compared with Microsoft’s Windows Phone has almost the same. By virtue of lengthy Samsung smartphone shipments product lines and, I believe if it was to continue to insist on Samsung to promote their Bada system, beyond Microsoft Windows Phone is not impossible. We take this trying to make is that Samsung Bada is not the future of the industry analyzed was forced to abandon due to poor market performance. What are the reasons that make Samsung Bada terminate the development 2015 Latest Nike Shoes of its own system? Is Intel offered an olive branch to Samsung, Tizen also arises. Here we find that, although nominally Tizen is a product of Samsung’s collaboration with Intel, but from a strategic perspective, Intel more active, urgent and positive, investment is also higher because it was by virtue of the Android in the smartphone market attack Air Jordan 6 City broke camp Samsung just serendipitously, but Intel is the last opportunity for its entry into the smart phone market. Today, Samsung and development situation and status Bada system was again changed. Samsung is definitely the main Google Android camp, coupled with the recent Microsoft announced that its Windows system Air Jordan 4 for mobile devices free 9 inches or less, so that the current system for the strategic role of Tizen Samsung and did not even own Bada system. Some might say this is precisely because Samsung today more dependent on Google Android, it has its own ecosystems (eg Tizen), avoid Google’s restraint, should be more important is. But this year, Samsung and Google reached a 10-year patent cross-license agreement reflects Samsung’s commitment to Android and Google operating system, the future in the smartphone market, Android will continue to be Samsung’s first choice Air Jordan 4 and the main, from Google angle, Samsung has also been a benchmark and pillars of its Android system (accounted for 60-70% of the Android camp smartphone market share). From that perspective, Samsung and Google is a prosperity, a loss for both the relationship (before Samsung’s own Bada system development, Samsung position and market share in the Android market has not yet reached such a degree). One step back, if you must to contain it comes from Google, Samsung can have free use of Microsoft Windows Phone ecosystem, and indeed for Microsoft announced Windows Mobile device before 9 inches free, there are rumors in the industry that if Samsung Add to Windows Phone camp, Microsoft will give Samsung Windows Phone license fees largest discount. Samsung can be seen in Microsoft’s Windows Phone as a diversionary Google the best, the easiest option. At least Microsoft Windows Phone ecosystem than starting from scratch Jordan Melo M10 now Tizen ecosystem to mature. From the above analysis is not difficult to see that, Tizen since the beginning of the birth and development, Samsung has always regarded as its smart phone Tizen ecosystem spare tire in the spare tire, that is, its strategic position and role in Samsung’s nowhere near Intel It also determines the Tizen ecosystem Intel is the biggest support and input by. The ultimate purpose for doing so is very simple, it is hoped, Samsung uses its own chips in future smartphones. But before Tizen Air Jordan 8 phone from bouncing repeatedly, even before Samsung released Tizen-based Smart Watch system still does not use Intel chips look (after Intel wearable device also want to enter the field and market), it is clear that this is not Intel want to see Tizen development. Although the reasons for this may be very complex. But for whatever reason, if we still have not seen the future Samsung devices based on Tizen system (smart phones and smart watches, etc.) Intel chip shadow, then Tizen come to an end can not be far away, because Intel and then anxious, I am not anxious to go to someone else (based on ARM architecture chips) do the wedding dress to the point. So, Intel is the key to whether to go on the Tizen. The standard measure of the number of future Samsung devices using Intel chips and the market reflected on it. Once Intel did not meet expectations, it is likely to abandon support for the Tizen, coupled with our previous analysis of Samsung is Tizen serendipitously mentality, Tizen future can go far? Text / Yongjie source / Sina Technology

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