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Future mobile provider in where


Ganji founder Bio: giants, let us make a little money to buy us now!
Source: i dark horse Oral: Hao Yang Chung (go to the market network founder) Finishing: MEDICINE AND [REVIEW] ‘BAT (note: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent) less the layout of some of it, let’s entrepreneurs earn money first, and then the acquisition of we. ‘yesterday (May 31) of the Chinese e-commerce conference, go to the market network founder Hao Yang Chung Air Jordan 2 made a lot of self-ridicule such statements. The following is Hao Yang Chung dictation. Mobile PC traffic flow is exceeding our PC site is from 2010, when we enter the field earlier, Nokia’s first investment is cast, we move the end of the beginning of the greatest impact by Nokia, iPhone and Android less than . We cover the WAP site content including recruitment, real estate, used items, vehicle-related, local living services and local business services and other services. We expect the first half of 2014 wireless traffic over PC, the growth rate is very high. First talk about mobile WAP site, mobile Internet users access it is the first entry, 60% of our users use Android phones, positioning mobile site what it is? First, it is an extension of a PC, and before many users do not know you What clients, so in the browser doing such an entry is very important, I think the first action is an extension of PC mobile site, addressing the needs of users are browsing the site. But because of traffic problems, I suggest you do not do 2015 Latest Nike Shoes when WAP site pictures too flashy or larger. Our mobile clients 80% of users from Android phones, This trend is very consistent throughout Andrews. We expect that this year will be even greater proportion Andrews. Many people say that mobile clients do not very large sense, I think must be done, because it is a card shopping platform, that is, the user must find the time to find you, we are positioned to develop based on this client. We are now 70% of downloads from the active search, many users on the PC know your site, your client will be found in the application inside the store. Users with our clients to do something 2012 -? 2013 users go to the market every day by phone calls over 300,000 times, which allows users and businesses to maintain direct communication, but also through the dissemination of information, so that businesses get a lot of telephone sales opportunities . Mobile Client with WAP site there is a big difference: the interactive needs of users significantly. Interactive is a suggestion for all mobile developers, regardless of what you do is news client, or Air Jordan 11 customer magazine Dayton, I still recommend the product to work harder on interactive features. As well as user on the phone is very sensitive to the location, we phone 40% of orders from the city, he hoped in time to find the surrounding information. The LBS cut dimension is added to the vicinity of latitude and longitude, the city and the surrounding streets to understand more clearly, if the display or ITC or Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, he will feel very warm. LBS starting point is not the street, it should be residential. Many mobile client development in the future, every day to push a variety of information, want users to open. Thus the user, the user experience is very bad, and this will cause him to uninstall your client. So we think that users concerned about the value of the independent news frequently push for mobile end users are harsh harassment. So our reminder system is to give the user experience more convenient. Founder of the three stages of fair Hao Yang Chung (Information) mobile mobile e-commerce provider I think there are three phases, the first phase is to extend conventional electricity supplier on the move. A lot of people have this idea that there is nothing on my mobile PC side there is anything, but a smaller screen, the payment or payments, browsing or viewing. Most of these end users is also the site of the user’s PC, the PC end user growth with growth often is the same. The second stage is the traditional electricity providers with a Nike Air Max Womens mobile made some design, users have real-time demand, demand payment convenient, users Nike Air Max 90 VT are assured of the money Nike Air Presto Womens deposited inside the mobile side, Nike Air Max Excellerate+2 it is very convenient. The third stage is to find the periphery, a user into a restaurant after the meal has been the main points, and he picked up the phone to find that the periphery bought this order to the waiter. Attention to this stage, you will be much faster than the first category of products, so that the user growth is also significantly higher than the first stage. The point is to take full advantage of the mobile Internet terminal characteristic broad e-commerce, the depth is not the same. Life service providers need to face three electrical problem, first you select the service or transaction intervention type, such as a taxi, on behalf of the drive, select a meal classes are part in transactions; the second is if you are involved in trading, you want to do Select the third-party payment. The third problem is that you give users what kind of benefits. In this respect, if not properly solved, then your client a failed client. Future mobile provider in where? First, you need to grab the phone’s features, such as hotel pay portability needs, such demand will be very large. The second is to address the needs of users with implementation of innovative applications periphery, which is on the PC can not do. The third is if you can use the pictures to interact and create content to help user-generated content consumption, in this way involved in the electricity business segment. We have been in the mobile providers on a number of attempts, the current situation is very early, the reason is very obvious that any electricity supplier only two roads, one is done as Jingdong and Taobao platform as thousands of people come every day to buy I can make money. Also make profits relatively high vertical electric providers, such as wedding, alcohol and cosmetics, I’m under 30 percent of marketing costs, I can earn ten points.

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