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constantly practicing to make travel easier mission


Tuniu executives issued an internal e-mail of Listed: Stick to focus on leisure and tourism
way cattle Tourism Online weeks after the successful listing in the United States, the way cattle CEO issued an internal message to staff on DURIGHT, COO 严海锋, said the way cattle have established a strong brand advantages, services, products, established industry-leading position, Listing will continue to adhere to focus on leisure travel, maintain and expand the advantage. The following is the full text of the message: you cow people: May 9 all the way cattle people, is an exciting day. After all passers-by cattle more than seven years of joint efforts and hard work, we Air Jordan 13 have successfully landed on the US Nasdaq, officially listed on the US stock market has become the first company to focus on the Chinese online leisure travel companies. Stock code ‘TOUR’, with our slogan, ‘To travel, to find the way cattle (Go Tour, Go Tuniu)’ perfectly consistent. Since the start seven years, we focus on online leisure travel, the ‘make travel easier’ as the mission, to provide customers with a wealth of products and reliable service, ‘to travel, to find the way cattle’ slogan popular. We have built a brand, service, product superiority in the deep, established industry leader, continues to lead the industry. More than seven years of development, we have been focused online leisure travel. By the end of 2006 when the company was founded back, we feel the purchase of tourism products inconveniences: the product is not rich, opaque price, quality of Nike Air Max 2015 service is not controllable, convenient travel links and so on that can improve our work through these issues. Through the accumulation of seven years, we have successfully established a specialized service for leisure travelers complete system, providing a wealth of product and user reviews can help customers easily select the most suitable products, customers can PC, wireless, phone, the service center for service a variety of ways to get in touch with us. Looking back seven years between development, we have encountered all sorts of temptations, but we eventually adhere to focus on leisure travel early heart unchanged and achieve market success. We will continue to adhere to focus on leisure travel, maintain and expand our advantage. We are one of the highest average amount of a Air Jordan RCVR single order the company on the Internet now. Before us, no company had the experience of the Internet so high off the unit price of products and services as main business. For this high off the price, we have to explore and establish a set of products, services and systems, it is worth all our cattle and proud achievements. Looking back a decade ago, the Internet can be booked online products also are tens of hundreds of products, and now, tens of thousands of products have to mention, though high customer price category online penetration is still relatively low, but we have been able to see the prototype and the future space. When tens of thousands of Internet development to become mainstream, our first-mover advantage and scale advantages will be other companies to enter the huge barriers, our value will be more fully reflected. We are standing 2015 Latest Nike Shoes on three big trends, one of China’s rapid growth in outbound tourism, the second is to enhance the penetration of Chinese leisure travel online, three are Chinese consumers on the Internet consumer customer price higher and higher. Standing on top of the three big trends, standing on the starting point of this new public company, we are about to embark on a new journey. Venture more than seven years, and countless cattle and we grow together. The number of companies from the start at the beginning of the 10 Nike Air Max 89 to individuals, the development of more than 1,000 today, the first batch of university graduates to join the company, many people have become the core of the middle and business backbone. The rapid development of the company, in order to provide everyone Nike Air Max 89 a huge space for development, but also continue to put forward a new challenge: personal development speed must be beyond the company’s pace of development to be able to drive the company forward. In this process, cattle people self-driven, continuous improvement, we are able to Air Jordan Spizike fight with such a team feel deeply proud. More than seven years of development, we formed a coherent mission and values. Founded at the beginning, we have set a ‘make travel easier,’ the mission, ‘mass tourism’ positioning, as well as ‘to travel, to find the way cattle’ slogan. In the process of development, and gradually formed a ‘customer first, simple, ultimate, integrity, sharing’ the core values, ‘tourist entrance, world-class company’ vision, as well as the ‘two-oriented’ development ideas. Cattle people around these core concepts, work hard to promote the company’s continued development and implementation of a breakthrough on a business, set up one after another new milestone. You cow’s hard work and continuous struggle forged the company’s rapid development, thanks cattle people! We can not develop without the support of customers, shareholders, partners, and we need to remember and be grateful, because we can not change the listing. Listing is not the end, but a new starting point. Standing on a new starting point, cattle people need higher standards themselves, more customer focus, our values ​​help determine short-term market fluctuations, but by creating value for customers. The company will create a better environment for development, so that every cow can continue to challenge the limits, fully unleash the potential. So, let us always, continue to focus on customers, continued to struggle, constantly practicing to make travel easier mission, continue to world-class companies, tourist entrance of the vision forward. We are a great team, we will become even better, and constantly self-driven, continuously made new achievements, cattle people are the best! Tuniu tomorrow will be better! Older than, Feng Feng

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